Runescape ULTIMATE Grotworm Guide – Commentary [HD] Slayer Guide

Hey Everyone this is my “Runescape Grotworm Slayer Guide” for 2012. In this guide i go over;
-Intro (0:04)
-Young Grotworm (0:47)
-Grotworm (1:02)
-Mature Grotworm (1:39)
-How To Get To Grotworms (2:10)
-What Armour to wear, and inventory (2:24)
-Killing Them (4:05)
-Outro (5:16)

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In this guide i did not show a range setup nor did i talk about familiars, i did this for two reasons, first, the majority of players choose melee and i am not the best ranger, and secondly, this is for people without the require level of summoning for pak yak/unicorn familiars. But feel free to bring them as they do come in handy!
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