Runescape Videl – Maxed Total 1 Defence Party

That title covers it all. This was one of the happiest days I’ve ever had on rs. Thank you guys so much for coming, it really means a lot to me ^^ To the famous video makers, if you’re reading this description/watching this video, number1boss,omustardo(castlewars),james/simon,born for pvm,kieren,smokey9112,silentc0re, and finally chris archie; I owe all of you my thanks, for keeping me entertained while I accomplished the seemingly impossible. Through the flames from mains, and the attacks from MM, I still accomplished my goal, and completed my account. Thanks again for all of you that were able to make it. For the one’s that couldn’t, i recorded this while i was livestreaming so i could edit and show you guys the summary later, so here you are. 🙂

I love you guys XD

The music in this video was created by a personal DJ, DJ Contacreast. And i have his permission to use the music. This game belongs to JaGeX HQ, and not myself. I’m just good at it. :3