RuneScape’s Land Out of Time – Launch trailer

Embark on a journey to a brand new area of Gielinor: the long-forgotten island of Anachronia, the Land Out of Time.

Our big summer update introduces new skilling activities, new types of creatures roaming free in various environments, new characters you’ll meet along the way to mastery, and a whole lot of rewards!

// Skilling Activities //

With the Land Out of Time, we’re introducing new innovative ways to train your favourite skills:

Big Game Hunter:
Slayer activities & Agility Course:

But that’s not all! There are plenty of nooks, crannies and secrets to discover across The Land Out of Time, and among them you’ll find two new overgrown idols for Woodcutting, some Mining sites, additional traditional Hunter spots and Fishing locations.

// Story of Anachronia //

New lands bring new adventures! The island of Anachronia is a whole new area of Gielinor that has been literally torn from time. And it is far from what you’ve ever seen before. What secrets are hidden behind those mighty dinosaurs, giant vile plants, and these mysterious ruins we wonder?

Mod Jack might have some answers:


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