Shattered Worlds invention leveling method

The 3 main things that make this method extremely fast is the XP Capacitor which doubles your item xp gained, the enlightened perk which gives +12% increased item xp at rank 4, and world 116 of shattered worlds. The enlightened 4 combo is this – 1 spiritual, 7 seren, 1 empty slot (seren in the middle). World 116 is the best that I have found, it has a very high chance of letting you pick the feeling pumped modifier and you don’t die too quickly. The mobs on the higher worlds that have a high chance of feeling pumped do too much damage and the mobs on the lower worlds don’t give enough item xp. Other useful things include grimoire, berserker aura, biting, as4r1 (eq4r3 might be better, I don’t have it yet), devo/enh devo for melee worlds, and a nihil. Be careful with what extra gear you are bringing because the xp capacitor’s charges will be used on every augmented piece of equipment. If you just want to level up a lance, don’t wear your malev that’s level 15 for example. Using gear that is capped at 1m xp will not drain the capacitor’s charges.

The actual method is fairly straightforward, you just go in, aoe, die, repeat. If you’re focusing on leveling armour you can incorporate flurry into your rotation. It helps to bladed dive off gcd at the start of each world to instantly aoe the stacks so the mobs don’t walk away. Each mob group spawns on the same tile and then they randomly wander but you can catch them all on the same spot if you use a defensive as you start the world, bd off gcd to them and then either flurry or equip 2h and cleave/quake/cane.

You can use this method to level up anything you want, even shields in less than 12 minutes. The strategy behind this can be seen in this video –

In this clip, I fully leveled my lance from 1 to 9 in 2 minutes and 30 seconds

enl4 combo