Solo bandos with scythe 2:1, prayer flicking and shield switching

Using this method, you’d take 33% less damage than the normal prayer flicking + shield switching method, because you’d only tank 2 graardor hits instead of 3 every 20 ticks. Compared to the normal prayer ficking method without shield switch, this is around 50% less damage taken. You’d barely ever have to tick-eat, and if you do you can use peaches. Purple sweets are not needed anymore.

This specific setup makes the mage and melee minions guaranteed off-ticked, regardless of where they spawn. It is done by standing on that specific starting tile, and ctrl-run to the other tile on the tick the minions spawn. There’s a ~94% chance that the melee minion won’t attack on the tick after the mager, which allows you to keep pray mage on for 1 tick longer rather than having to pray melee + click floor-item on the same tick.