Testing out the Seren Godbow | Araxxor | Telos | Nex | Player Killing | Level 92 Weapon from Telos

A complete testing video to the Seren Godbow. I try the new level 92 bow at Araxxor, Nex, Telos, Legiones, Raids, and in PvP. I also go over the special attack (crystal rain) and it’s many uses.
Overview and stat comparison – 0:34
Crystal Rain Special Attack – 1:39
Araxxor – 2:53
Telos – 5:50
Nex – 7:05
Legiones – 9:15
Player Killing (PvP) – 10:23
Final thoughts/wrap up – 19:43

Road to 2147m Loot tab:

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