The Best Chest in OSRS. (#17 Wilderness Only Ironman)

Wilderness Only Iron man Episode #17.
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One of my biggest skilling goals for this account are out of the way. 84 Thieving. Ever since realizing the skill was possible I have had my eye on the Rogue Chests since they give really good rewards. 2.95m experience later averaging roughly 30k at best per hour we can finally use these chests for amazing rewards.

Next episode we will dive further into Wildernauts house and talk about Hard Clue scrolls and how they could be possible!

I tried area restricted content before, with an F2P wilderness only but it only lasted 2 episodes. This will be different, there is so much to do in the P2P wilderness, and I will beat it. Inspired to make one, so I did, below will be a list of people who have restricted Iron men.


1. Restricted to Dangerous Wilderness Area’s or Content that is connected to the Wilderness (Lever, Waka Canoe) when gaining exp/obtaining items! (Wilderness part of Edgeville Dungeon Included)

2. I’ve allowed myself wilderness slayer as it is directly tied to the wilderness, and the emblem store.

3. I’ve decided to allow myself to bank in Edgeville. Since Mage Bank is not truly “safe” as you cannot be attacked inside it, I’ve decided to allow Edgeville banking since its surrounded by content attached the wilderness (emblem store, slayer master, lever, Waka canoe)

GOAL: Obtain every unique wilderness item. (Except Corp, and kbd which are both in “safe zones”)


Home – resonance

Intro Song: Home – Twisted Light

Inexedra – Cyberkinetic

OSRS songs – background music

For anyone asking, why not ultimate iron man? In the wilderness when you die on an ultimate ironman you lose everything, which would be impractical as deaths are uncontrolled and you could die at anytime in the wilderness. I also cant keep every unique drop on me as an ultimate.

People who inspired me and do Restricted Iron man content:

Settled (Mortanyia only iron man)

Caveman Only (cave/castle only iron man)

TurtleTale (elveland only iron man)

UIM Verf (karamja only iron man)

Tedious (Zeah only iron man)

Skourai RS (Pioneered Wildy iron man before IM release)

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Been inspired to play the game by restricting my account. Love these content creators and they all have amazing Iron man accounts so check them out.