The Feud Quest Guide Old School RuneScape 2007

30 Thieving
Able to kill a level 70 bandit
Kharidian headpiece
Fake beard
Shantay pass (costs 5 gp)
about 2,000 coins (more for carpet rides or less if you walk in desert)
Gloves (not all work but Karamja reward gloves and leather gloves do, as well as many others.) (Graceful gloves do not work!)
Talk to Ali Morrisane in Al-Kharid. He will ask you a favour. He needs you to go and find his nephew, ‘Ali’ who lives in a small town southeast of Al Kharid called Pollnivneach. Buy the Karidian headpiece and fake beard from Ali Morrisane for the disguise to be used later. You can combine the Khardian headpiece and the Fake beard right away to create a Desert disguise (which is used later on during the quest) to save inventory space. Also, don’t forget your waterskins and desert robes.
Go to the little village of Pollnivneach, which is southeast of Shantay Pass. 200 coins will get you there on the magic carpet. Note: If you see the huge wall, you must go east and not west to enter the village.

Starting in PollnivneachEdit
The Fued 3
Talking to Drunken Ali.
Head to the southeast corner of the village, head into the bar, buy 3 beers from Ali the Barman, and then talk to Drunken Ali, he will ask for beer in return for information, so, one at a time give him the three beers. He will tell you that Ali Morrisane’s nephew’s disappearance may be linked to the gangs.
The Fued 4
Talking to a Menaphite Thug.
Head west of the bar to a purple and yellow tent, and talk to any Menaphite Thug (but not Ali the Operator). You will ask him if the bandits give them back a camel would it end the feud.
Now, go and talk to any bandit in the north part of the town. You will also ask them about returning a camel from the Menaphites.

The Fued 5
Talking to Ali the Camel Man.
Go to the discount camel store (the building north-west of the bar, south of the kebab store; denoted by an Agility training symbol) and talk to Ali the Camel Man. Ask to buy two camels. Offer Ali 200 coins, and when that doesn’t work offer him 500 coins. You will receive two camel receipts.
Give the certificates for the camels back to both gangs, one to any bandit in the north part of town and the other to any Menaphite in the south part of town, but it doesn’t help.

Now, you must join one of the gangs. Go and talk to Ali the Operator (he will be around the purple tent, west of the bar and Agility symbol, note that you might have to talk to a thug first), and ask him if you can join his gang. He will want to test you to check if you are trustworthy enough, and he will tell you to go and pickpocket 3 villagers.

Picking the villagers’ pocketsEdit
The Fued 6
Knocking out one of the villagers.
1st villager – easy, normal pickpocket. (you might need to ask Ali the Operator for help after this)
2nd villager – Go and talk to a street urchin in or around the bar, and pay him 10 coins to distract a villager, then quickly pickpocket the villager with the flashing arrow above his head. (Make sure that the Street urchin is nearby one of the villagers, otherwise he will tell you that there is none around to distract.) You must approach the villager from behind but if it doesn’t work you don’t lose payment, and can just talk to urchin again.
3rd villager – Go back and get the blackjack from Ali the Operator by asking him for help. Then lure a villager and knock them out with the blackjack (both options are right click, second doesn’t appear until after you do first).