The Ranch Out of Time, Farming and Herblore 120 land in RuneScape!

Well hello! Granny Potterington here to tell you all about the marvelous content we have for you this 25th November!

The Ranch Out of Time – The Potterington brand is expanding into new real estate: Anachronia! And with new lands come new opportunities: 5 breeding pens, 14 new species to “harvest” (including Frogs, Jadinkos, Malletops… Rex?!) and more activities for your pleasure.

Farming 120 – Manor Farm in Ardougne is being transformed into the prestigious Farming Guild! With it, expect an additional form of training (Requests), an invention to keep an eye on patches (Remote Farming Machine), an unlockable tree patch (Bloodwood), a fourth Spirit Tree and more!

Herblore 120 – Higher tiers of Farming product means even more powerful potions!! We’ll bring new recipes, combos, and even new genres of potions like Powerburst and huh… Bombs?!

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