The Road to Archaeology pt.2 – Dig Sites & Lore (Stormguard Citadel, Everlight, Warforge)

⛏️ Hop on another part of the Road to Archaeology and discover more Dig Sites opening on March 30th!

In this video, Timbo’s Tours is taking you once again far across Gielinor to introduce you to the rest of the five epic locations you’ll get to discover when Archaeology launches.

There’ll be plenty of mysteries and relics from Gielinor’s past to unearth in each of these uniquely themed areas. Will you be rising up to the heavenly Stormguard Citadel? Delving into the fires of the Infernal Source? Lurking in the shadows of Kharid-et? Shedding new light on Everlight’s beacon? Or maybe digging into the bloodthirsty stories of the Warforge!


The “Road to Archaeology” series are the perfect way to know about RuneScape’s all-new powerful skill, releasing on March 30th. Catch up on our last videos and mark your calendars for the next one!

▶️ Part 1 – Core mechanics of the skill:
▶️ Part 2.1 – Dig Sites & Lore (Kharid-et & Infernal Source):

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