Top 8 Low/Mid Level Monsters You Can Kill for Profit! Oldschool Runescape Money Making Guide[OSRS]

Hey guys, today I wanted to go over some of my favorite low level combat money making methods.

Killing monsters for profit is one of the keystone activities of oldschool runescape. However, in general you won’t be able to make any money doing it until you have reached a very high combat level. Today I wanted to show you a few monsters that are profitable, and can be killed at a low level.

Top 10 Low Level Monsters that Can be Killed for Profit : Part 1

Obviously you are not going to be making millions of GP every hour, but some of these are actually quite decent money makers. Most of these monsters have very low requirements, and can be killed at level 50-60 in your combat skills.

Thanks for watching!

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