Training, Money Making, and Questing in SDMM (OSRS) SWAPLESS SOLO

Just an update on my progress in the Deadman Mode Spring Seasonal of 2019 for Old School RuneScape. I’ll warn you, not much interesting happens aside from general account progression and I share a few money makers and training spots within the content. This was not my most exciting day in SDMM.

If you’re not familiar with Deadman Seasons and Tournaments; those who rank in the top 2,000 for the season (which lasts one month) get invited to a competitive gaming tournament (to play from home) with a grand prize that has ranged from $10,000 to $20,000 in previous tournaments, and tends to increase with each passing tournament. These tournaments take place 4 times per year. This is footage from the Spring 2019 seasonal, which allows one to qualify for the Summer tournament of 2019.

The DeadMan Mode Tournament is a Old School RuneScape, OSRS, style competition that consists of a week of training up a RuneScape account in a PvP server with a permanent-death stage at the end to conclude the competition.

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