Training Slayer and Invention… (Runescape 3 RTM #39)

PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS SORT OF FORMAT. Please also leave a like rating. Todays video is a different sort of road to max, more of a day in the life sort of video where I had a few things to do and get no levels… I prefer it and it would mean I could do a few a week. Please tell me what you think. Thanks!

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The music used in this video was all provided by a wonderful channel called NoCopyrightSounds. Check there channel out for some wonder copyright free music:

The exact songs that are included in this video are:
Alan Walker – Fade:

Tobu – Life:

Tobu – Infectious:

David Bulla – Unexpected:

Dropouts – Let’s Go

Laszlo – Don’t Look Down

Itro – Panda