Trimmed Completionist Guides – Memorial to Guthix!

Welcome to my Memorial to Guthix D&D guide aimed exclusively at those looking to get their normal/trimmed completionist requirement done!

Mod Manti’s overview:

Locations from Reddit (credit to /u/TheOmikron):

1) Naragi Engram – Given in tutorial – In subsequent prestiges this is found on Naragun, fairy ring code AIS.
2) Elder Sword Engram – South-east end of the Void Knight Outpost, on a barrel
3) Sword of Edicts Engram – Just East of the Wilderness divination crater
4) Guardians of Guthix Engram – South of the entrance to the Tears of Guthix minigame
5) World Gate Engram – Near world gate, next to a rock
6) Druid Engram – In Chaplain Sarah’s Church in Burthorpe, south-east of the Heroes Guild, on the altar.
7) Balance Elemental Engram – In the standing stones just north of Falador
8) Sheep Engram – In Fred the Farmer’s house north of Lumbridge
9) Time Engram – Next to the entrance of Queen Glarial’s tomb (just south)
10) Fairy Engram – Near the Fairy queen in Zanaris – to the east of the wheat field
11) Gnome Engram – The south side of the gnome maze – faster to run it, don’t follow Elkoy to the middle
12) Stone of Jas Engram – Top shelf of a rewards case in the Fist of Guthix entrance

Trimmed Completionist Guides – The Arc!

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