Twin Furies Solo Guide – Low-Mid Level & Ironman – Zamorak GWD2 [RuneScape 2016]

Quick and concise guide to soloing the Twin Furies with T80 weapons, T70 gear and no SS, Scythe or raid abilities! Great for Ironmen!

Gear: Use your best range/mage gear + weapons, with either an accuracy aura or Penance/Vamp.

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Welcome to my new series, where i’ll be trying to get T90 weapons for all combat styles! Ascension Crossbows, Dual Drygores, and a Noxious Staff! This will be done on the Official RS3 Ironman Mode! Enjoy and feel free to give it a like and subscribe if you enjoyed and would like to follow my progress! It might not be as big as A Friend but I hope you like it 😉