Underground Bot Farm: dfs pure #10

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(OSRS) Runescape PKing Venezuelan Fountain Of Rune Bot Farn Runners. DFS Pure PKing Level 35 Combat

Runescape (OSRS) 75 Defence DFS Pure PKing is a series of videos of pking on a level 35 combat account. We explore the wilderness by finding the lowest combat levels to match ours so that we can pk the lowest levels and meaning level 3s to 40s. This account is useful in a way in pking at black chinchompa, runite rocks, fountain of runes and more! We come across a lot of botting accounts everywhere in oldschool runescape and we take advantage by pking them for all their botting materials. Oldschool Runescape low level dfs pure pking is a challenging but high risk pking account to play on for the sole reason of going deep wild and risking a staggering amount of 10 million coins.

In this video, we discover a bot farm of glory and wealth runners charging their materials at fountain of rune were they can use those charged glories and wealth and selll them back to the osrs economy for profit in the grand exchange. We found this bot farm in world 330 and w318 rimmington house portals. These guys use the annakarl porta from the owner house and tele themselves up there so they can use that method of getting there faster and increasing their profits. We stood out there in annakarl tele spot and we pked pretty much every bot runner who teled up there by spying on them at the house owner with a second account and bringing high reward gp loot. This video was fun to make and we risked our dragonfire shield on my level 35 combat pure. Find out if we lose it or not in this video! It was quite challenging running into pkers. Hope you guys enjoy!

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