Wine Of Zamorak 200k p/h | Best F2p Money Making Method | Oldschool Runescape

Best F2p Money Making Method | Wine Of Zamorak 200k p/h | Oldschool Runescape

Written Method –

200k per hour

Skill requirements
33 Magic (37 Magic-icon recommended)

Item requirements
Staff of air
Law runes

Wine of zamorak are used to create ranging potions. They respawn on a table in the Chaos Temple, which is located north-west of Goblin Village, and are guarded by Monks of Zamorak. Wine of zamorak can be taken from the table (without the monks noticing) by using the Telekinetic Grab spell.
Start out at Falador’s west bank, wielding an air staff and having law runes and water runes in your inventory. Walk north and enter the Chaos Temple. Use the Telekinetic Grab spell on the wine on the table, and it will be added to your inventory. On a fairly populated world, it will respawn every 25 seconds. Continue telegrabbing the wine until you have a full inventory. If you have 37 Magic, cast Falador Teleport to return near the bank. If you don’t have 37 Magic, walk south back to the bank. If you teleport, you can do a run of 26 wines in 13 minutes, or 120 per hour. If you don’t teleport, you can collect 110 wines per hour, for a profit of 142,450. A tip for extra profit per hour is to bring a looting bag and walk slightly north east and cross the wilderness border to fill your looting bag with an inventory of wines allowing you to in theory do 2 trips in 1.

On free-to-play worlds, the spot to telegrab Wine of Zamorak may be crowded. You can either switch worlds until you find an empty spot, or compete with the other players to get the wine first, although most players would argue it is mutually beneficial to hop rather than compete as it is likely both players’ profit per hour would drop.

If competing however, note that whether players standing on the same spot are clickable depends on your own orientation. Telegrabbing the wine will make you face the table, and your staff would hover over the table, making it much easier to misclick on a player instead of the wine. Therefore, it is beneficial to turn to a different direction. However, it is much more likely to run into multiple bots, and it would be difficult to telegrab any wine at all in their presence.