Xp Capacitor 5000 passive money maker – [Runescape Archeology 2020]

Hey Everyone, in today’s video I talk about the xp capacitor 5000. what it does is it acts like bonus xp for invention items. so if you wanted to get a level 20 item , which required 1,000,000 xp, you could buy 5 capacitors and get to level 20 at half the time. Be careful when you die with this though cause you cannot reclaim it at deaths office for the charging version. I haven’t checked the used version.

How it works is simple, you first are required to have:
-106 invention
-Money to buy blueprint: 8-10m or 95 archeology to make your own
-Dismatle a few relics or resource, its hard to get classics and easy to get historic components.
Once you’ve done all of those you can start charging your own xp capacitor 5000. Now depending on what you do it will change how fast you can charge it.
Ex. At abysal demons, i managed to fill charge with melee in 2 hours. If with magic you can do it a bit quicker.
when i did it at corrupt scarabs it took 3 hours to charge.
and skilling would talk longer….

So depending on what you do will change how fast this will charge so it’s more of a passive money then an active one. So if you like to afk some things it gives a decent money per capacitor atm.

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